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Mrs. Dawn Rosson - School Business Manager

Mrs. Tracey Brown - Office Administrator


Mr. Will Holdcroft - Site Technician


Mrs Linda Baker - Cook


Mrs. Sharon Lovatt - Assistant Cook

Mrs. Sarah Jamieson - Assistant Cook


Mrs. Ang Bowers - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Nicci Chirnside - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Becky Cuthbertson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Louise Eardley - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs. Lisa Evans - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mr. Ben Hancock - Lunchtime Supervisor


Ms Najwa Hiscox - Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs. Vanda Ratcliffe - Cleaner

Miss Jacqueline Snape - Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

Kids' Club Staff


Mrs. Julie Williams- Play Leader

Mrs. Michelle Allen - Play Worker


Mrs. Janet Bailey - Play Worker (Casual)

Mrs. Viv Hargreaves - Play Worker


Mr. Ben Hancock - Play Worker

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