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Our Parents expressed a preference for school uniform. It encourages children to take a pride in their appearance and leads them to be self disciplined and organised. It also fosters a sense of belonging to a community and an awareness of the responsibilities that it involves. Our school colours are red and grey/black.



* Grey skirt / trousers or pinafore dress

* White blouse (or polo shirt EY/Y1/Y2)

* School sweatshirt (EY/Y1/Y2 children only) or red jumper or cardigan

* Y3 to Y6 School Tie

* Summer – Red and white gingham dress (optional)

* Sensible black shoes to be worn for school



*  Black/Grey trousers

* White shirt  ( or white polo shirt EY/Y1/Y2)

* School sweatshirt (EY/Y1/Y2 only)  or red jumper

* Summer- short black/grey trousers (optional)

* Y3 to Y6 School Tie

* Sensible black shoes should be worn for school


School sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts all embroidered with the school logo are available through Motif Marketing in Milton.




To participate fully in physical education your child will need a PE. bag for:-

* Black pumps

* Black shorts

* White T-shirt

* Red Hoodie

* Trainers, football boots and tracksuits may also be used


The kit should be kept in school throughout the school week


Please note that the Local Authority Risk assessments for PE do not allow children wearing earrings in P.E. lessons.


Your child will not be able to take part in P.E. lessons or Swimming lessons until his/ her earrings can be removed.  As you know Physical education is an important part of the school curriculum and all children are expected to be appropriately dressed to take a full part in the lesson.




Swimmers will need a swimming bag with:- 


* Suitable one piece swimming costume or trunks

* Towel

* Swimming hat for children with long hair


The wearing of jewellery is discouraged, Children may wear ear studs but these must be removed for PE, dance and swimming. Protective clothing is available in school for Art and Design and Technology work. The pupils may also be asked to bring wellingtons for some outdoor work.


All clothing must be named. The school uniform will be monitored by the Headteacher and school staff to ensure that standards are maintained

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