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St. Anne's Singers
St. Anne's Singers meets every Thursday at 3.30 and finishes at 4.15pm. The Club is for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5.  During the Club we will sing many different songs. Some may be pop songs or some may be linked to the time of the year (Autumn, Christmas and Easter). During the year St. Anne's Singers are invited to take part in concerts in the community; these may be at the Church, Village Hall or at Brown Edge Well Dressing.
Maths in Motion
Maths in Motion is an exciting, competitive and fun Challenge. It recreates the thrills and spills of high speed motor racing! Each driver gets to design and set up their own racing car using a mixture of basic maths skills and personal decision making. The rules are easy... get your maths right, make the correct decisions and you will stand a chance of winning a race......... get your maths wrong and you run the risk of crashing your car, blowing up the engine or not even make it to the starting line!
Football Club

The Club is held on a Friday between 3.30 p.m. and 4.40 p.m. during the Winter months.  The children are divide into three groups.   Within the sessions the first half is dedicated to skill development and tactical awareness. The rest of the time is given to an end game.


Chatterbooks May 19.jpg

Chatterbooks is a club for bookworms! The reading club gives pupils the chance to chat about their favourite authors and discuss any books that they are reading.


The session includes a story each week followed by a craft activity, game or puzzle and the opportunity to borrow a book from the library.

Cross Country


St. Anne's Cross Country Club takes place in the Autumn and Spring terms on Thursdays from 3.30 p.m. until 4.30 p.m. All of the children from Key Stage 2 are invited. In the sessions children run longer distances to develop their stamina. Pupils also take part in fun relay races over shorter distances.


Athletes are then invited to take part in races against other schools. There are two races for all runners in the Autumn term and three in the Spring term.


Gardening Club

Children from Year 3 upwards are invited to join the Gardening Club which takes place on Fridays from 3.30 until 4.30pm. In the sessions, pupils tend to the planters, the window boxes in the outdoor classroom, the borders, the chequer board garden, the wild flower area, the bog garden, the pond and the woodland area. Children enjoy doing all sorts of gardening tasks and take produce home when it is ready to harvest.


Dance Club
Dance Club takes place after school. We use a range of music at Dance Club chosen between the children and myself. Dance offers a valuable link between ourselves and Endon High School as the Dance Leaders from Endon High School join us at certain times in the year to help the children.  We also perform at the Christmas and Summer Fair so the children attending get an opportunity to perform in front of other people.




Colouring Club


Art Club is run by Miss Buckley and takes place on Thursdays lunchtime.

We set Art Club activities to different age children, which is why we run the Club in 3 termly stages; Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and finally Years 5 and 6.

In Art Club we do many different activities including painting, collage, printing, sewing and stencilling which all children take part in.



Lego/Construction Club
Lego/Construction Club is run by   Mrs Allmark and  meets every Wednesday  straight after school until 4.15 .pm. It is for Year  1, Year 2  children. We meet in the Year 1 Classroom and each week we have a 'building' theme which could be to make houses, rockets or cars! We use lots of different construction equipment as well as Lego. We work together to make some fantastic models  take photographs of them to record what we have achieved!
School Council
Each year two children out of each year group are elected by their classmates.  They meet once or twice a term with Mrs Allmark to discuss various issues or make suggestions as to how school can help the children at St Anne’s. Historically the School Council have changed the school uniform and made suggestions as to how we can raise money for various charities. We are currently deciding which endangered animal to adopt as part of our  Eco Week.

The Computing Club gives pupils the opportunity to extend projects started in Computing lessons. During the Summer Term we will be using Scratch and Kodu to program interactive games and PowerPoint to create animated presentations

Craft Club
‘Starting after February half term a new and exciting craft club will begin on a Tuesday after school for Year 2/3. For the first 6 weeks we will focus on Hama Beads, creating unique and interesting designs. This club is for children who love to create and design, with the added bonus of being able to see the design transform into art after it has been melted together!’
Biking y1 Group A.jpg
Balanceability Bike Club
On Thursday afternoons after school, Mr. Hobson and Year 1 take part in Balanceability biking sessions. This is part of the learn to ride programme from British Cycling and HSBC called Ready Set Ride. We learn all of the balance and co-ordination skills to ride a bike, which help with other things like tying shoe laces, using cutlery and staying active. We follow the ‘Prepare 2 Ride’ Level 1 stage before moving onto the Level 2 stage- ‘Skills 2 Ride- Balance.
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